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The Leaders Of Jiangmen Government Visit JNS For Research

Update Time:2020-07-06
On July 1, Mr. Li Weimin who is the municipal committee of Jiangmen government and minister of the united front work department visit JNS to carry out the "Warm enterprise, promoting investment, in order to understand the situation of enterprise production, coordinate to solve relevant matters, encourage enterprises to dealt with the difficulties in the current economic environment.
At the symposium, President Executive Director Mr Huang Fei and Chief Financial Officer Mr. Jilei Zhu of JNS described the development trend of the industry and the general situation of JNS, and thanks to the municipal committee of Jiangmen government for their care and support.
Mr. Li who is the municipal committee of Jiangmen government require all departments at all levels to strengthen communication and coordination with the enterprise , and help enterprises to the understanding of support policies and solve the difficulties in development.
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