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On Jun 18, 2005, the construction of Nanyang Shipyard started.
On Dec 8, 2005, JNS signed a contract with Pacific Basin (Hong Kong) Shipping Limited for building 32,500DWT Series Bulk Carrier. 
On Aug 8, 2006, steel-cutting for the first vessel  built by JNS Nanyang Shipyard started.
On Aug 18, 2006, JNS singed a contract with Denmark NORDEN A/S for building 31,800DWT Series Bulk Carriers.
On Dec 8, 2006, keel-laying started for the first vessel.
On Jun 25, 2007, the construction of Phase II works of Nanyang Shipyard started.
On Jul. 19, 2007, Zhang Dejiang, Vice Prime Minister, visited JNS.
On Dec 30, 2007, sea trial of the first vessel  was completed successfully. 
On Jan 28, 2008, the first vessel  was delivered successfully.
On Mar 20, 2008, the construction of Yinxing Shipyard started formally.
On Apr 21, 2008, JNS Ship News started publication.
On Apr 22, 2008, Huang Huahua, the former governor of Guangdong Province, visited the Company.
On Aug 18, 2008, steel-cutting for the first vessel built by Yinxing Factory.
On Apr 2009, JNS was awarded as “Top 100 Enterprise in Equipment Manufacturing Industry Given Priority to Cultivation by Guangdong Provincial Government”.
On Jul1, 2009, JNS ERP system was formally put into service.
JNS won Shipbuilding and Construction Award at Lloyd's List GLOBAL 2009 AWARDS.
On Nov 11, 2010, JNS606 was delivered successfully, and the annual delivery of the Company exceeded 320,000DWT.
On Jan 5, 2011, steel-cutting for the first vessel meeting the standard of PSPC started formally.
On Mar 29, 2011, JNS signed contracts with SINOTRANS LIMITED and CMB Financial Leasing Co., LTD. for building and financing for leasing 32,500DWT Wood Bulk Carriers.
On Jun 16, 2011, JNS was approved as the Engineering Technology R&D Center of Jiangmen City.
On Sep 5, 2012, JNS was approved as the Provincial Enterprise Technology Center of Guangdong Province.
On Mar 20, 2012,Delivey for the first PSPC vessel.
On Aug 07, 2012,Launching for the first green and economic vessel of 37000DWT series.
On Dec 15, 2012, JNS OA system was formally put into service.
On Dec10, 2012,The patent was awarded.

On Jan 22, 2013, the first 37,000DWTgreen environmental protection vessel was successfully delivered.
On May 3, 2013, JNS successfully awarded National High and New Tech Enterprise.
On Nov 14, 2013, JNS awarded Guangdong Province Innovative Pilot Enterprise.
On Dec 5, 2013, JNS set upthe Handvsize Bulk Carriers research center..
On Jan23,2014,the first 39,000DWT green environmental protection vessl was launched successfully.
On Apr 14,2014,JNS series 39000DWT green bulk carriers were identified as high-tech products in Guangdong Province.
On May 19,2014,JNS successfully apply for multiple evaluate pilot of vocational skills(Type of ships).

On May 28, 2014,  China’s top future leaders Hu Chunhua visited JNS.
On Aug 14, 2014, JNS has been approved by LR to ISO14001:2004 Management System Standard.
On Sep 10, 2014, JNS won the S&T Award.
On Jan 21, 2015, JNS won the title of Guangdong Innovative Enterprise.
On Jan 27, 2015, JNS has successfully delivered the 50th vessel Hull no.JNS139.
On Apr 20, 2015, JNS won the Jiangmen S&T Progress Award.
On Oct 26, 2015, JNS won the excellent prize for S&T business plan competition.
On Dec 31, 2015, JNS won award at White List China 2015.

On May 30, 2016,JNS was selected for the integration of the two management system pilot enterprises list.
On Mar 8, 2016, JNS successfully passed the national high-tech enterprise review.
On May 20, 2016, JNS was awarded the title of “Postdoctoral Innovation & Practice Base” in Guangdong.
On Oct 13, 2016, JNS awarded Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises of Guangdong 2016.

On Jan 10, 2017, JNS awarded best International Customer Settlement medal in 2016.

On Jun 28, 2017, JNS became as Vice President Unit of Guangdong Association Shipbuilding Industry.

On November 2017, 39000DWT green bulk carriers was awarded as the excellent ship product of 2017 Guangdong Institute of Naval Architecture.
On December 2017, JNS won the innovation-oriented enterprise of Guangdong Province.

On January 2018, JNS was awarded the "Key Customer of International Settlement (2017)"

On November 28, 2018,JNS again recognized as the national high-tech enterprise review.

2018, JNS was awarded  the title of "Guangdong Province Health Promotion Model Enterprise".

On January 2019, JNS was awarded the "Key Customer of International Settlement (2018)"
On February 2019, JNS was awarded the title of AAA customer of 2018.

On February 2019, JNS was awarded the title of AAA customer of 2018.
On May 22, 2019, JNS passed the recognition of "National High-tech Enterprise" for three times.

 On November 5,2019, JNS won the bronze prize of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

On December 6, 2019, JNS 39800DWT multi-functional bulk carrier was recognized as 2019 high-tech product.

On December 6, 2019, JNS was awarded title of "Light of Hope -- Top 100 Innovative Enterprises"